What’s the process like for reading PDF files on Kindle Paperwhite?

PDF is a Kindle supported format, you simply require to import your PDF to Kindle Paperwhite for reading.

The very best way, for my own part, is using Amazon’s Send-to-Kindle app to submit the files. This app is readily available on all platforms, MacOS, iOS, Android, Windows.

Here are the steps:

download and install the app on your device
login into you Amazon account
drag and drop files into the program
you will find the PDF in your individual document library.

As for the PDF reading experience on Kindle, many of the users have their own complaint, but generally about PDF text will not reflow when you focus or out, and it won’t zoom to fit the kindle gadget with great looking. But, after all, PDF is not the most user-friendly format for Kindle, if you want a pleasing reading experience, you will need to convert PDF to AZW or other Kindle-friendly format.

I don’t actually have a Kindle Paperwhite, but I am extremely knowledgeable about PDF files. This means “portable document file” and is an exact, uneditable copy of a file. For that reason, each page, it’s font size and type, and any figures/photos/illustrations stay precisely the very same in relation to the rest of each page.

I don’t think any of the e-readers use PDF format for books (or anything) because, if the reader (you or I) wishes to increase the text size, or the orientation of the reader (I often read with my Nook in “landscape”– i.e. sideways) a PDF file would not be able to scale the page to fit the screen. Simply puts, an e-reader formatted book file is more like an MS-Word file– if you increase the typeface size enough, one screen of text could end up being two. I may be incorrect on this, but none of the books I have actually bought for the Kindle App on my iPod have been in PDF format.

It’s troubling. Unlike proper ebooks in EPUB and MOBI formats text will not stream as the page is resized. To check out PDFs on a Kindle involves a lot of scrolling and individuals seem to dislike doing that, specifically horizontal scrolling.

In Android there is one class PdfRenderer  Android Developers. Using this class you can render the pdf document from your gadget and show it in image view.

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