How to get paragraphs and shapes from word file using c#

I am attempting to automate a job in C# where I loophole via pictures in brief (docx) data and adjustment pictures based upon the image label (relabelled under the Variety Pane). I can not seem to be to locate where to access the name residential or commercial property of the image?

I recognize it is actually outdated however maybe an individual will definitely use it. The InlineShape’s Title property possesses the image title specified in the Choice Glass.

is actually there any type of way to find a next complement in an indicated assortment if there are actually 2 complements in the variation. or even if there is any sort of method to obtain a list of all the matches. currently I am actually utilizing the below interop strategy to discover the complement yet it will certainly highlight just the initial match.

I am actually attempting to go through the paragraph contents as well as forms text from word documents.
I have actually created adhering to code:

foreach (Microsoft.Office.Interop.Word.Shape shape in document.Shapes)
    ParaInfo.Add(new ParaInfo{Text = shape.TextFrame.TextRange.Text});

foreach (Microsoft.Office.Interop.Word.Paragraph para in document.Paragraphs)
    ParaInfo.Add(new ParaInfo{Text = para.Range.Text});

There is no pattern in Word documentations and you can’t get a design as you asked. Observe How to enumerate word file utilizing office interop API?

I have functioned on a clinical manuscript in MS Word. I would enjoy a functionality to change all referrals through hard-coded text considering the present circumstance of amounts. Typically, if I leave behind the references and take out the figures it will likely show a whole lot of “reference damaged” texts when someone presses F9 or identical.

This will transform the sequence of shapes and paragraphs. I intend to get them in the very same series as they seem in the word documentation.
Exactly how can I attain this making use of Interop word?

The reason that you acquire the sequence “altered” is since you recount just conditions and after that simply dining tables. As you receive just a text message material, it might make good sense to make an effort document.Content.Text and observe if you might develop any sort of “construct” from it.

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