how can we convert word to .pdf format from c#

You ought to have read this: C# as well as PDF. There are procedures to convert, like beforementioned PDF Concentration however be actually alerted: it is actually buggy, and also crashy method. PDF is actually not meant to be PC-readable.

Exactly how can easily our experts convert the succeed data and word data to .pdf layout coming from c#. i tried the adhering to code however it presents the an error, The export fell short considering that this component is actually certainly not installed. in the course of export to pdf from word from c#.

static void Main(string[] args)
            Application app = new Application();
            Workbook wkb = app.Workbooks.Open("d:\\x.xlsx");
            wkb.ExportAsFixedFormat(XlFixedFormatType.xlTypePDF, "d:\\x.pdf");

The user selects the place in mapped drive, and also the real file area is actually \ \ web server \ \ directory \ Some Directory. I’m utilizing FileSystemWatcher training class in c# with Filter specified for.doc files. I can easily view in debug that the report is discovered.

for the export to work you require a version of Microsoft Office put in that actually has that pdf add-in( 2010+) or an Office variation plus that pdf add-in, f.e. for Office 2007

Carries out the any individual know a.Net component to convert PDF to Word or RTF programatically? I do not intend to use Optical Character Recognition and Adobe reliant answers.

The OnCreate activity can fire when the underlying report is still in use/being contacted which can cause concerns if you quickly attempt to accessibility it.

While not straight similar the documentation under, provides a keep in mind, that if the pdf add-in is actually not mounted, exactly this inaccuracy will definitely happen. Thus examine your requirements, i.e. Office mounted and also the add-in, too.

The unusual factor is actually sourcefile.FullName does not reveal the difficult coded hosting server deal with that road is actually readied to. It reveals the report course as S: \ Some Folder \ abc.doc, that makes no feeling to me. What is actually going on below, and why can’t it discover the documents?

The basic remedy is actually to introduce either a random problem to allow the file to be actually shut by the procedure making it, or even better a loop along with a brief hold-up that attempts to access the report, records the appropriate exemption should it take place and retries.

Word 2013 Main Interop Assembly Training Class Library as well as it works wonderfully great under.NET 4.5.1 Just include Microsoft.Office.Interop.Word assembly to your endorsements and you are actually prepared to go.

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