Diagnostics.Process doesn’t open PDF file using adobe reader

I have the ability to create PDFs in my C#/ WPF application and run them with the following:

Process.Start( _ pathToPDFFile);.

This works with Adobe Acrobat, however not with Adobe Reader. When Adobe Reader is set up, Process.Start() does nothing unless the Reader process is currently running in the Job Manager.
C# pdf processing library: http://www.iditect.com/product/pdf/

Just how can I obtain Adobe Reader to show the PDF when I attempt to start a PDF?

Originally, you need to review if Adobe Viewers is actually the nonpayment program for pdf data. You may check it responsible Board -> Plans -> Default Programs -> Establish Organizations.

If Adobe Viewers is actually the nonpayment PDF program, your code requires to manage Microsoft window 8, really in a lot of variation of Microsoft window.

The instance below simply exposes that you need to pass the course to artist reader clearly to your Process.Start() by creating a ProcessStartInfo item. There is work to carry out on exactly how this course must be healed or even built. The duplicating uncovers a means through designing the program, but this may just function if you know the pc systems the app will be performed on.

If various coming from Adobe Viewers 11.0) you might need to change the program, relying also on the variant of Artist Viewers to launch (.

If Adobe Reader is not the default PDF program, you need should get course to AcroRd32.exe. This post must help you.

I don’t see your full code, however I solved comparable concern by setting ProcessStartInfo.UseShellExecute to true.

In our case, the problem was only reproducible when beginning the application from Visual Studio – beginning the.exe directly works as anticipated.

After some debugging, it ended up that Visual Studio was set to constantly run as administrator, which triggers the issue. Turning this off (which is hard enough itself) fixes the problem.

I’m having a problem while aiming to open a PDF file using Process.Start(). The program runs the process as a background procedure however no adobe reader window appear. A solution i found was to use chrome.exe, but my customer want to open on adobe-reader, as it’s the default windows program.

Discover a “problem” of Adobe Reader DC. It mantains a level of security that doesn’t let me run it as administrator (don’t ask me why). Check this link to find out more: https://forums.adobe.com/thread/1955530.

Now I’ll search for a solution to run it without administrator privileges, or ask my client to uncheck the checkbox.

So, I have actually found an option for my issue. The Adobe Reader, given that variation 10.0, has a “Protected Mode” setting. I wrote a code to alter that setting in the windows registry, so the user will not have to do that.

You can straight utilize System.Diagnostics.Process.Start(“”) to open with default pdfreader program on respective client system.

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